Vortex Ignite
Riviera Maya

2 – 6 February 2020


The 4th Vortex Ignite takes place in the Riviera Maya, on the eastern end of the Yucatán Peninsula.

The Vortex team gathers in México this February, to guide a new cohort of extraordinary individuals through the inspiring journey that is Vortex Ignite.

It promises to be a powerfully transformative experience for all.

sneak peak into the experience

We have created a highly personalized and curated space where leaders come to connect, play, rejuvenate, and realign to the next-level versions of themselves. The specific contents of each Vortex Ignite retreat are crafted to meet the unique needs of the game-changers who attend.

As the aim of Vortex Ignite is to facilitate an experience of deep presence, intimacy, and safety, enabling a transformative journey built on the foundation of play, each retreat involves a maximum of 30 participants.


Over the course of the 365 days of the Vortex Ignite and Vortex 360 programs, learning is designed and reinforced throughout the journey in a way that is significant and holistic, weighted towards experiential. It is organized around the six Vortex values, which are designed to guide you toward the attainment of a significantly enhanced state of personal well-being and satisfaction with life, while building deep interpersonal relationships.
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Collaboration takes place throughout Vortex Ignite and is actively facilitated and curated through the Vortex 360 mastermind. Monthly full-group calls, regular support calls with Accountability Pods of 5–6 participants, and the regular rotation of participants spotlighted for the entire groups’ active support, all lead to the creation of an intimately connected, sticky community.
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Sacred Play is a core principle of Vortex, as champions often sacrifice play for responsibility. Play that is joyful, creative, and inspirational is programmed into all Vortex programs and masterminds.
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Following each Vortex Ignite, all participants are invited to Vortex 360, a bespoke, year-long mastermind program. 

Our core ethos is to support in every way possible your personal levelling-up, because we know that powerful, transformative experiences need to be nurtured and grown in order to fully actualize.


We are educators, social entrepreneurs, investors, enterprise leaders, athletes, artists, scientists, and healers who care about making the world a better place.

Experience facilitators

Vortex facilitators are all highly experienced leaders in their respective fields. Their significant insights, gained from decades of global experience in their professional fields and specialties, spanning personal, career, and organizational development; addressing unconscious bias and deep-seated judgements; health and wellness modalities; and ancient meditative, mantra, and yogic practices. They are outdoor adventurers, musicians, philosophers, and curators of joyfulness.

Howard Ross

Advocate and Founding Partner of Cook Ross
Washington DC–based Howard Ross is a lifelong social justice advocate and the Founding Partner of Cook Ross, a leading global Diversity consultancy. He is considered one of the world’s seminal thought leaders on identifying and addressing Unconscious Bias.  

Leslie Traub

Master of Science in biostatistics and epidemiology from Tulane University
Personal development expert
Leslie Traub offers Cook Ross clients exceptional facilitation and training, inspiring and evidentiary instructional designs, meaningful organizational change, and transformative personal development. With more than 30 years of experience leading diversity, inclusion, and change management initiatives.

Chris Traub

Chris is an accomplished musician, adventure athlete, yoga teacher, meditator, and trasformation facilitator.
Chris Traub has been a pioneer in Executive Search and Human Capital Advisory for the past 30 years. Chris became a regular member of global leadership communities including Forbes Global CEO, World Economic Forum, TED, and Summit, amongst many others.

Dr. Gretchen Dobson

With over 23 years of experience in higher education and constituent relations
Her specialties include international alumni relations strategy, international alumni and academic partnerships, internationalstudent-alumni programs, and volunteer management for groups of all sizes and backgrounds.

Nestor Perez

Nestor L. Perez, Jr. is a meditation teacher, Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Coach of Fortune 500 CEO's.
Nestor is well known for his deep healing techniques and insightful guidance. He had previously practiced in the United States and India before plunging full-time into handling stress management programs for individuals and corporations.

Ricardo Sookdeo

A teacher of mindfulness practice, energy management and a coach to leaders around the world
Ricardo helps leaders to improve their effectiveness by training their attention and mind to have more focus and clarity, and supports them to bring more selflessness and compassion into their leadership practice.

Jake Ross

A researcher in the fields of wellbeing, community engagement, and interpersonal connection
Interested in the blending of psychology and neuroscience with holistic practice, Jake’s specialties include training and developing teamsand intensive one-on-one coaching. With other 10 years of experience in transformational workshops, Jake’s focus on spirituality has led him on the cutting edge of transformational research.

Manav S. Mehta

A Taipei-based community leader, event organizer, and communications specialist.
Multilingual in expression, multicultural by design, with a strong background in event operations, logistics management, and stage show hosting. A curator who believes that creativity thrives within boundaries. A team player who chooses to explore all angles so that the most suitable approach is chosen. Motivation and drive come from social and collaborative interaction.

33 years in the making

Vortex has been 33 years in the making.  The initial concept was conceived in 1988, when Chris Traub participated in a 3-month leadership training and wilderness expedition in Alaska with a 15-member team.

Chris realized that most of the key learnings and growth derived from this experience were connected to individual team members’ states of mind, personal relationships, and abilities to fully release and play. And he experienced the deep joy of full presence, being in a state of flow with nature...

Vortex Ignite
Riviera Maya

For our 4th Ignite retreat, we travel to the lush jungle setting of the Riviera Maya, located on the eastern end of the Yucatán Peninsula, México. With a history steeped in Mayan culture, and only a short boat ride to Cozumel, the Riviera Maya is one of Mexico’s most flourishing places. During the course of the retreat, we seek to immerse ourselves in this environment, strengthening our connection with the earth through healing modalities, while stimulating our inspiration and creativity through a truly holistic personal and communal experience.

This video showcasing our 2019 retreat in Costa Rica gives a sense of what one might expect to encounter as part of the journey at Ignite Riviera Maya.

Vortex Ignite + Vortex 360 Program

The onset of the Vortex experience begins with Vortex Ignite — an itinerant personal transformation retreat held twice a year at uniquely inspiring locations around the world.

Following your first Ignite, you are invited to join our community of leaders at Vortex 360, a bespoke, year-long mastermind designed to support you wherever you are.
With Vortex Ignite retreats, we host highly-curated and intensive 5-day retreats for as many as 30 leaders from around the world held at stunning locations like Morocco, Costa Rica, Bali, Bhutan, India, Iceland, and Hawaii.

In our 1 year program we include 5 days trip in on of the locations above and right after follows 360 days mastermind that directly follows the Vortex Ignite retreat and integrates all the insights gained on the Vortex Ignite retreat.
Vortex Ignite
Vortex 360

Our Transformation Retreat

Vortex Ignite is our signature retreat and a one-of-a-kind experience crafted to meet the individual needs and unique desires of those who attend. Each iteration presents a profoundly transformative experience for all.

We invite inspired leaders of significant accomplishment and potential to gather for Vortex Ignite in stunning locations worldwide. While specifics of the five-day programme are withheld in order to ensure maximum delight and impact, the retreat is designed to ensure:
Profound self-reflection, clarity & discovery
Transformative shared experiences
Powerful community development
Intimacy with a small group
The spirit of adventure

Our Curated Mastermind

Vortex 360 is a mastermind programmed to ensure the continued momentum of the personal growth and community building initiated during Vortex Ignite.

This personalized programme is curated to deepen the power of the Vortex experience, beginning immediately after your completion of your first Vortex Ignite retreat, and continuing for the following 360 days. The programme features:
All participants take turns at having the community “ignite” their personal professional, and philanthropic interests for 1-2 weeks.
Monthly interactive seminars with powerful educational content, recorded for those who can’t attend.
5-6 person “accountability pods”, to ensure that all participants have strong support networks from within the group.
Curation of meetups and adventures for those who choose to attend.
Facilitation of member-driven impact initiatives.


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