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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the experience of a lifetime.

Vortex Ignite
Riviera Maya

2–6 February 2020
1. What is Vortex?
Vortex is a transformation and impact community of global leaders with shared values, principles and practices. 

2. What is the Vortex mission?  
The Vortex mission is to curate powerful yet intimate groups of inspired leaders that are committed to their own personal development and individual transformation. We use experiential settings to help these leaders optimize their personal satisfaction while bonding together deeply as a community that goes out and achieves significant good in the world. 

3. Who comes to Vortex?  
Past Vortex attendees include founders, investors, enterprise leaders, artists, athletes and creatives who are particularly driven leaders in their field. 

4. What happens at Vortex?
Vortex ignite is a five-day experiential retreat where participants explore the core principles of Sacred Self, Sacred Union, Sacred Play, Active Gratitude, Active Compassion, and Active Presence — ultimately gaining a much deeper understanding of themselves, their challenges, their goals, and the wealth of resources that are available within the community to help create impact in the world. 

5. How is Vortex Ignite different from other transformational retreats?
Far more intimate than most, Vortex maintains surprise and delight in the retreat by not sharing the agenda and hosting events at highly diverse and powerful venues. Vortex also has an extremely high facilitator to attendee ratio (generally 1:3). In addition, after the retreat we offer attendees the opportunity to remain connected to and supported by the community through Vortex 360 — a 12-month mastermind program.

6. How many people attend each Vortex Ignite?
Vortex hosts a minimum of 16 through a maximum of 32 attendees.   

7. What is included in the ticket price?

Everything from arrival on site through to departure from the venue. 

8. What is not included in the ticket price?
Airfare and hotels before and after the event; as well as transport to the event. 

9. Where/How should I book lodging?
Your accommodation is booked when you book a space at Vortex Ignite. 

10. What is your refund policy for event tickets?
If cancelling within 3 months, 50% of the fee is refunded, and the remaining 50% is credited to future Vortex programs.
If within 2 months, 25% is refunded, and 75% will be credited towards future Vortex programming.
Within 1 month, all is forfeited unless otherwise agreed upon. 

11. Are tickets transferable?
They are following an interview of the potential transferee to ensure that they are an appropriate fit for the Vortex Ignite experience.

12. Will I need a visa for the event?
Some country’s citizens will need a visa. It’s important to check early. 

13. Will my electronics work in México — Do I need special plugs or adaptors?  
In México, the standard voltage is 127 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. Power plugs and sockets are of types A and B.
You can use your electric appliances in Mexico if the standard voltage in your country is between 110–127

14. What is the expected weather at this time of year?
In early February, the average daily high is 28.5° C (83.3° F) and the average low 18.3° C (64.9° F).

15. What is the common language in Quintana Roo, México?
Spanish is the most common language. English is not very widely spoken.

16.   What is the local currency? 
México’s currency is the Peso.
The currency code is MXN, and the currency symbol is $.

17.   Is tap water safe to drink?  
Not in most places, but bottled water is widely available.

18.   Are any standard vaccinations or other prescriptions needed?  
Not currently. 

19.   What is the time zone?  
UTC-5 (Zona Sureste)

20.   What do I need to do to join Vortex?  
Indicate your interest to the Vortex facilitation team, then apply to join.
Successful applicants will receive and sign a contract and be asked to pay relevant fees. 

21.   How long does the application process take?
It can be very quick. Successful applicants will be notified within a few days. 

22.  How much are the tickets?  
$6,000 for the five-day Vortex Ignite retreat and $4,000 for the 12-month Vortex 360 mastermind. 

23.   What’s included in the cost of your Vortex ticket?
All landed costs for the five days. 

24.   What is NOT included in the cost of the ticket?
Airfare and hotels before and after the event as well as transportation to the event. 

25.   Can I bring my children? 
Most likely not, though it depends upon how old they are. 

26.   Can I bring my spouse to the event?  
Absolutely — this is highly encouraged. 

27.   What is the Refund policy?
Cancellation within 3 months receives 50% of money returned and the remaining 50% is credited to future Vortex programs.
Within 2 months, 25% will be returned in cash, and 75% will be credited towards future Vortex programming.
Within 1 month, all is forfeited unless otherwise agreed upon. 

28.  What can I expect at Vortex Ignite?   
5 days of fun, impactful, supportive, and highly experiential experience in a beautiful setting with amazing people. 

29.  What's the start and end time each day?
Starts as early as 8 am and generally ends by 10 pm. 

30. How much free time can I expect?  
A few hours daily. 

31. Are there any events happening before or after Vortex officially starts and how can I join?  
Currently no events are planned, but options for tours before or after may be made available. 

32. Where can I see the full agenda?  
We purposefully don’t share the full agenda. We want to maintain an element of surprise and delight on a daily basis. This requires that attendees come into the event with a high degree of trust.    

33. What airport should I fly into?  
The Cancún International Airport (CUN) is the nearest airport. 
Another option is the Cozumel Airport (CZM) has a ferry connection to Playa del Carmen.

34. When should I fly in and out?  
It is recommended to arrive to Quintana Roo, México by the evening of February 1st.
For departures, it is best to arrange to leave on the afternoon of February 7th.
Plan to arrive at Ozen Resort before 10:00am on February 2nd.
Ignite Riviera Maya will conclude by 4:00pm on February 6th.

35. What food & beverages will be covered by Vortex?
All food and beverages will be covered once you arrive at Vortex and while on site. 

36. Is there Wi-Fi at the event?  
Yes, but there will be limited time to use it. 

37. What is the dress code?  
Casual and comfortable. 

38. Is there anything special I should bring with me?
Just arrive with your childhood name. 

39.   Where can I get more information?            
Visit the Ignite Riviera Maya page, schedule a call or contact us directly at


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