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The Path

The Personal Transformation Journey

Our mission is to create a shared transformational space where game-changing leaders come together to grow into the most fulfilled and joyous versions of themselves, and to create a high-impact, closely-knit community.
This is why we have created Vortex — the global personal transformation collective for extraordinary people.
We use cutting-edge personal transformation tools and unite game-changing leaders, whilst adventuring in phenomenal locations around the world.
Every retreat is curated and highly personalized, which allows leaders to rejuvenate, reconnect, and realign.
We understand that every attendee is within one’s own right a vortex — a person who creates energy as a visionary, thought-leader, and multi-level game-changer in one’s own field.
Allow us to serve you so that you can serve the planet.

The Vortex Programme

In collaboration with an international team of leading transformation experts, we’ve created a fully immersive experience designed to uplift participants and build a powerful community.

The onset of the Vortex experience begins with Vortex Ignite — a series of five-day personal transformation retreats held at exotic and inspiring locations around the world.

Vortex Ignite flows directly into Vortex 360 — a bespoke, year-long mastermind programme designed to support the global Vortex community wherever you may be.
Vortex Ignite
Vortex 360

Our Transformation Retreat

Vortex Ignite is our signature retreat and a one-of-a-kind experience crafted to meet the individual needs and unique desires of those who attend. Each iteration presents a profoundly transformative experience for all.

We invite inspired leaders of significant accomplishment and potential to gather for Vortex Ignite in stunning locations worldwide. While specifics of the five-day programme are withheld in order to ensure maximum delight and impact, the retreat is designed to ensure:
Profound self-reflection, clarity, and discovery
Transformative shared experiences
Powerful community development
Intimacy with a small group
The spirit of adventure

Our Curated Mastermind

Vortex 360 is a mastermind programmed to ensure the continued momentum of the personal growth and community building initiated during Vortex Ignite.

This personalized programme is curated to deepen the power of the Vortex experience, beginning immediately after your completion of your first Vortex Ignite retreat, and continuing for the following 360 days. The programme features:
Opportunities to receive community support, further igniting your personal, professional, and philanthropic interests.
Interactive seminars with powerful educational content, recorded for those who can’t attend.
Accountability pods comprised of small group of participants to maintain strong support networks within the group.
Meetups and adventures curated for those who can attend.
Facilitation of member-driven impact initiatives.

Our Principles

Everything we do is deeply rooted in our six shared values, the foundation on which every retreat is built:

Sacred Self

Honouring and accepting ourselves and our journey with deep compassion, non-judgement and love

Sacred Union

Honouring and accepting our connectedness to the world and the people around us

Sacred Play

Rediscovering the unfettered magic of play, and its infusion into our daily lives

Active Gratitude

Cultivating proactive thankfulness for every aspect of our lives

Active Compassion

Cultivating proactive understanding, empathy and kindness, toward ourselves and those around us

Active Presence

Feeling the abundance of the present moment, stepping out of past & future focus

the tribe

We are educators, social entrepreneurs, investors, enterprise leaders, athletes, artists, scientists, and healers — who care about making the world a better place.


The Vortex Ignite experience is personal for all who take the plunge.
These are some of the words that our alumni have shared with us:

Ben Bowden

I would recommend this to anyone — anyone looking for insight into themselves, their career, their personal life. People carry different things they want to work on, and those people walk out of here a slightly improved version of the person that walked in. It’s been fantastic.

Helena Houdova

When I came to Vortex I thought that my heart was pretty open, but I had no idea how much more open I could be. I have received so many gifts, and I was able to share mine as well. What stood out most for me is definitely sisterhood. I really deeply desire co-creation and cooperation to come from the feminine side of me, and I totally found it here. I found such a deep relationship with the women who attended Vortex with me - my sisters. I think that these are lifetime friendships, lifetime nourishing hands and minds and hearts. For that I’m absolutely grateful.

John Lin

The real crux of what I took away is what it means to be a better person, and what the template is for me to be a better person. Not just a better person, but to be a better person in a community. It’s about surrounding yourself with people of good intent, of similar values. And that’s not a narrow set of values, that’s actually a very wide set of values across a diverse set of people.

The Story

Vortex has been 33 years in the making.  The initial concept was conceived in 1988, when Chris Traub participated in a 3-month leadership training and wilderness expedition in Alaska with a 15-member team. It occurred to him that most of the key learnings and growth derived from the experience were connected to individual team members’ states of mind, personal relationships, and abilities to fully release and play.

Chris Traub

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The Personal Transformation Journey

We often get asked what kind of people attend Vortex Ignite retreats. The answer is: leaders and impact makers of every stripe. When you attend Vortex Ignite, you’ll be surrounded by accomplished, hungry, compassionate people who you’ll connect with, motivate and be motivated by. You belong here.
Hong Kong– & Paris-based former Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Industries, World Economic Forum
New York– & Bay Area–based major family philanthropy and social impact advisory firm Founder
London- & Sao Paolo–based Global Business Development Head, leading global transportation start-up
Hong Kong–based global executive search firm CEO
New York–based Documentary Filmmaker
Stockholm-based Venture Catalyst and Adventure Athlete
Former national champion female Athlete turned Costa-Rica-based wellness retreat Entrepreneur
Austin- & New York–based Co-Founders, leading global blockchain venture advisor and accelerator
Lisbon- & Bay Area-based Impact Business Strategist, Industry Researcher, Author, Speaker
Delhi-based Dean, Business School and Co-Founder, Conscious Capital Institute
New York–based Stem Cell Physician/Biotech Entrepreneur and Software Strategist